How can local / small business compete this Christmas?

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As we near the end of Lockdown II... that would make a great title to a film, we're still not sure which businesses will/will not be allowed to open and if they do what happens if there is another Lockdown or localised restrictions that mean you have to close your doors?

We know that nothing beats the personal service you get from going in to a shop - touching, feeling, smelling and tasting products as well as talking to passionate people about the products they make and sell, but if customers can't come to you, could you go to them by selling online?

Here our some of our ideas to help your business make the most of this Christmas Shopping season:

1. Be online to sell online - Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, your own website

2. Be on social media platforms - Instagram and Facebook

3. Offer to deliver local

4. Engage with your local community, existing customers, contacts

5. Offer seasonal deals/incentives

6. Build your mailing list (GDPR compliantly) so you can engage with them into the New year and beyond

If you don't have a webiste we’d love to talk to you about what you need (and are here for you when you’re ready to do so) but until then generating sales is The most important thing right now!

So if you don’t have an e-commerce site think about getting one. Take a look at, Facebook, Instagram, Ebay or Amazon as a place to promote your products - nearly everyone visiting their websites are ready and wanting to buy!!!

Sing and shout about your products on your social media platforms and signpost them back to where they can purchase your products from.

Engage with your local audience - pages/groups on Facebook near to where you are located and offer incentives, free local delivery, discounts etc.

Giveaway offers - to increase awareness of you, your company and your social media platforms.

Be bold, be loud, be proud of your business and what you’re offering.

Reinforce the message of buying local and the benefits of doing this.

We hope you find this useful - happy shopping :)

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