How well do your team represent and deliver your brand?

Given the very public sacking of David Moyes because of the impact his performance had on ‘brand united’ as well as the performance on the pitch, it might be worth taking a look closer to home as to how your team represents your brand.

The world now is a lot smaller or our reach goes a lot further depending on which way you look at it, thanks to the Internet, social media and mobile phones. We can express our opinions – good or bad – quicker and easier than ever before and once these opinions are expressed they are out there and there is no stopping how far and wide they will reach.

A positive customer experience or journey is vital to receiving positive feedback – but providing this once isn’t enough, it needs to be given every time to every customer. To create a ‘brand’ that is memorable, that stands out and that customers come back to needs positive, happy customers, no actually happy isn’t enough, they need to be delighted customers. Just doing what is expected isn’t enough – they want, and demand more (just like the Man United fans and shareholders) or they become unhappy and get ready because they will let you and everyone else know it.

If you are reading this thinking this doesn’t apply to me, I’m not a big enough company to have to worry about brand image then sadly you are wrong my friend. The world has changed and we now operate in a global arena. Buying local isn’t limited now to a 50mile radius, local now, for some companies and industries in continent wide. Web sites give everyone the same opportunities to be found and a 24hr shop window to promote what they offer. Social media platforms give customers a mega phone to tell everyone they know all about the experience they receive (good, bad or indifferent) from you and other suppliers.

So, back to the original question, how well are you’re team representing you? Not sure? Then we can help. We offer a free brand and marketing audit – why not get in touch to arrange one today and find out.

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