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Sue Brookes owner of Retro Diva asked Rebus Creative to design her new company logo.
Knowing where to start, what questions to ask or having the skills internally to objectively review your current marketing activity can be a challenge - that's why we created our Sales & Marketing Review.
Would you like to benefit from accessing up to £3000 of funded sales growth and marketing strategy support available to manufacturers through MAS? If yes, then we can help you.
Google have altered how they search (and rank) web sites as of April 21 2015 on mobiles. As of now mobile-friendly web sites will rank higher in searches on mobile phones than sites that aren’t mobile-friendly.
Given the very public sacking of David Moyes because of the impact his performance had on ‘brand united’ as well as the performance on the pitch, it might be worth taking a look closer to home as to how your team represents your brand.

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