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Celebrating 20 years of marketing services and marketing support

Marketing PlanningEveryone here at Rebus Creative is excited about  2024! Why?

Because this year marks our 20th anniversary!

Yes, it has been 20 years since our founder Jane decided to set up in business to provide customers with branding and graphic design services.

And, as we celebrate two decades of providing clients with marketing services and marketing support, we take a look at how far we have come since she had that first idea to be brave and set up the company.

Jane says, “My mum wasn’t really convinced when I started Rebus Creative because she saw my career as ‘just drawing’! To be fair, I don’t think either of us really believed I could make a go of ‘just drawing’, but here we are, going from strength to strength 20 years later!”

20 years of providing marketing services

Of course, like all businesses, the past 20 years hasn’t been all plain sailing.

Rebus Creative has had its ups and downs.

Riding out the credit crunch, the recession and, of course, the pandemic, provided challenging times for us and our clients, but we are still here, providing top quality marketing services to clients across a range of industry sectors, including:

  • NHS
  • Healthcare
  • Telecoms
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Dance schools
  • Green technology
  • Extraction system manufacturers
  • Injection moulders
  • Environmental consultants

Throughout the last two decades, we have been helping our clients to obtain the maximum return on their marketing investment.

We firmly believe that it isn’t the size of the marketing budget that counts, but what you do with it!

Our aim is always to generate results, so our clients see a good return on the investment they make in our marketing services.

This is why they choose to work with Rebus Creative!

Because we deliver results beyond their expectations, while making sure they get the maximum bang for their marketing buck!

In fact, we have many clients we have partnered for a fair number of years, as well as those for whom we have undertaken more specific one-off projects and others to whom we provide ongoing marketing support.

Our ethos is to always be truthful with clients.

We will never bamboozle you with ‘marketing speak’, to try to sell you something you don’t need.

We will always listen to your business needs and objectives before providing solutions tailored to make sure you reach them.

Therefore, each client receives a unique blend of services and creative tools tailored to the needs of their business.

The Growth of Marketing Services

Right at the beginning of this journey, Jane was focused on providing branding and graphic design services to clients.

However, as the client list grew and her team expanded, she realised that in order to meet clients’ objectives, Rebus Creativewas actually providing much more!

We were helping clients to increase brand awareness and sales by putting together the right mix of creative tools to help them to achieve their business and sales goals.

We now provide a range of services from hands-on marketing support for projects or businesses with small teams, to strategic marketing consultancy services and everything in between!

Our marketing services have expanded during the last 20 years because of major advancements in technology and changes in buyer behaviour.

We have had to be dynamic, adapting to consumer trends by utilising new technologies as well as adjusting to major global trading challenges such as the recession and the pandemic.

Here are some of the key changes that have impacted our marketing services during the last two decades:

The rise of the internet

Digital platforms have largely taken over from traditional print, radio and TV for many businesses.

Social media

Social media marketing is now an essential part of any marketing strategy, compared to a few years ago.

Mobile marketing

Part of the digital transformation we have seen during the last couple of decades has been the rise of the smart phone.

Companies can now reach consumers during every minute of every day.

Content marketing

Content needs to engage target audiences and be suitable for repurposing over a number of different platforms.

We had barely even heard of a blog when Rebus Creative first started and now they are an essential part of any digital marketing plan!


Amazon has got a lot to answer for! It revolutionised how businesses sell products with the introduction of internet selling.

Data is king!

The amount of data now available to both inform and transform marketing strategies for our clients allows us to track the effectiveness of campaigns and clearly demonstrate the value we can bring to their marketing efforts.

Personalising the shopping experience

Customer interaction and the brand experience can be based on individual behaviours and preferences, highlighting the attractiveness of a brand to the consumer and building brand loyalty.

Automation and AI

The advances in marketing automation tools mean processes can be streamlined, from customer interaction with chatbots to analysing data from campaigns.

All this useful data can be used to refine and target marketing messages and campaigns.


Here’s to the next 20 years of top notch marketing services

At Rebus Creative, our plans for the future include embracing emerging marketing automation technology and AI to continue to provide relevant and cost-effective marketing services to our customers, ensuring their marketing budgets are focused on achieving results.

If you are struggling to meet your business goals, don’t understand the complexities of today’s marketing techniques, or simply want to take your marketing effort to the next level, call the Rebus Creative team on 0114 553 2977, email us or complete the contact form on our website to talk everything ‘marketing’.

If you are unsure what to do next, take the first step towards a successful marketing strategy by booking our FREE marketing audit today! We will analyse your current marketing materials and activities against your business objectives to benchmark where you are now and highlight areas for improvement.

We can work with you on anything from specific projects to your whole strategy. Our business is driven by yours, so partner with us for a unique service tailored to your needs and budget. Simply click the following links to read more about our marketing services:

At Rebus Creative, our focus is YOU.

We work with you to create the right mix of creative tools, marketing services and marketing activities to ensure your marketing investment delivers those all-important results! Cheers everyone! Here’s to the next 20 years!