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Having the right brand for you and your company is crucial to ensure that you're positioned and perceived in the right light by your target audience,
if you provide quality, niche products and services your brand needs to reflect this. 

A logo is a visual hook that forms the basis of your corporate identity – the 'bit' that people see and use to remember your company.
A brand is comprised of much more than just a logo, it's the customer journey, the experience, the price and the quality of the products or services as well as the people that make up a brand.

Positioning and knowing your audience is vital to creating a successful brand.
Are you happy with your brand positioning? Are you in control of your brand or are you reacting to your clients and competitors?

We work with companies to create and develop the right brand for them. We visit their premises, meet their team, review the services and products, take their customer journey and ask lots of questions to be absolutely sure we understand the personality and plans for the company in order to create a brand that is perfect for them. 

We then set to work designing the brand and rolling it out consistently across the company applying it to everything, from obvious items such as stationery, web and printed literature to uniforms, promotion items and email signatures through to how the phone is answered in the office and what messages/language is used on social media.

Everyone in your company has a part to play in the brand of your company – think about that for a minute.

Anyone who interacts with potential and existing clients will affect your brand message or perception ultimately helping or hindering sales opportunities. Everything from what is said (or not said), how a visitor is received at your premises, communicated with by email, face to face, on the phone matters.Over the last couple of years how much has your business changed? Have the products and service you sell changed? Have you changed the industries/markets you sell to? Have you kept your team up to date with the changes made in the Board Room? Have you kept your brand up to date?

Here are just a few of the logos and brands we've deisgned...

Retro_Diva_Logo.jpg SC_Travel_Logo.jpg Price_and_Mann_Logo.jpg
Fuemx_40th_Logo.jpg E-recovery Logo.jpg AVID Logo.jpg
Hopton England Logo.jpg RMS Logo.jpg P&N_Logo.jpg

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