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We're a design agency based in Sheffield that provides email marketing software that allows you to create and send branded email campaigns to your target audience as often as you want.

Email marketing is a great and cost effective way to each high volumes of potential clients at the touch of a button. E-shots just like your website can be used to create different messages and raise brand awareness helping you to stand out from your competition, inform your target audience of what you are up to and let them know regularly what you have to offer etc.

With our email marketing software YOU are in control, it’s easy to send stunning e-shots and e-newsletters that are branded and sent by YOU as often as you want to some or all of your database(s).

Email marketing from Rebus Creative

You control the content, the copy and when the campaigns are sent out. You can even schedule them weeks in advance to help you manage your time and get ahead. Your emails are branded as YOU and sent out by YOU (no ‘sent using X Y and Z messages).

You can make as many amends as you want to your campaigns as well as send tests of your campaigns to up to 5 different email addresses before they are sent out to make sure they are perfect every time.

You can add images, links to web sites and email addresses to customise your email campaigns as well as trial different subject lines to get as many of your emails opened as possible.


Your email campaigns are responsive meaning they are automatically created to display on mobiles or tablets.

Each email campaign has a detailed report listing who opened your email, how many times they opened it and what links they clicked, all from within your browser.

If you would like to know more about our email marketing software or would like to see a demo version, please call us on 0114 553 2977.

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