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Does your current branding still represent your business?

Will it carry you through the next stage of growth?

Is it consistently applied everywhere it’s used?

Many companies have their brand created at start up and find, a few years down the line, it no longer really represents them.

Rebus Creative love branding!

Branding is more than your logo

When businesses first start out, they have a logo created and call that their brand.

A logo is actually just one element of your brand.  But it’s often the predominant visual component.

Your brand is actually everything your target market see, experience, and feel when dealing with your company.

Branding, marketing, and sales go hand in hand.  No one element can be effective without the other. And your branding spans the whole customer journey.

When your original brand identity no longer serves

Do you feel your logo looks a little dated?  Perhaps it’s something you created yourself years ago.

Or does the business now have different ‘arms’ and each needs its own identity?

It may just feel like the time is right to rebrand and refresh?

If you have a strong brand identity that your customer base recognises instantly, then a ‘refresh’ might be better than a whole new logo.

But if your logo and other elements of your brand identity no longer represent and work for the business, then a rebrand will be the solution.

AVID logo
E Recovery logo

Developing your brand

To develop your brand to be appropriate for your market position, you need to consider your

  • mission statement
  • vision statement
  • core values
  • target market
  • products and services
  • brand story

Not only for now… but looking ahead.

Just like the saying ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’…  your branding needs to represent the company way into the future.

You may wish to go all in and have a total rebrand.  Or you may wish to take smaller steps over time.

Brand visual identity elements

One of the most important factors when using your brand is to be consistent everywhere it is seen.

The elements which make up your brand’s visual identity include:

  • logo design and format
  • colour palette
  • fonts

These should be used consistently across all your marketing and sales activities.  Your website, your social media accounts, any stationery and packaging, exhibition materials, workwear… the list goes on.

Your brand style guide should provide the detail, so that everyone who uses your branding in any way has guidance how to apply it.

SC Travel logo
Price and Mann logo

Why choose Rebus Creative for your branding

Here at Rebus Creative we simply LOVE branding.

It represents everything your company stands for.

As well as being instantly recognisable, it should scream personality and quality to your target market.

With more than 20 years’ experience in designing and developing brands, you can be sure we’ll be able to take your thoughts and turn them into eye-catching visuals that are suitable for every application.

We are highly experienced in the manufacturing, engineering, and environmental sectors and have risen to every challenge we have been set.

Why not contact us today to have a chat about your branding, it’s the first step to a brighter brand for the future.