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Strategic Marketing

Is your marketing activity unplanned?

Try different approaches as and when?

Have no way of monitoring return on investment?

Rebus Creative has a tried and tested method to create your strategic marketing plan which ensures your company reaches it desired growth.

What is a strategic marketing plan (SMP)?

Your strategic marketing plan is a subset of your overall business plan.

It looks at your business goals, what sales are required, and plans a way to market your products and services to your defined target market.

It is not, however, a document which is created and then filed away!

It is a living plan which will regularly be reviewed for results and return on investment; and amended as overall business goals change.

Testing which avenues of marketing are bringing in the best results is vital in establishing what type of campaigns and activities should be dropped, extended, or developed.

Who is involved in creating the plan

We work with the top level of leadership in our clients’ businesses.

This may be a board of directors, an owner manager, or other stakeholders involved in decision making.

Often, we challenge that leadership’s plans and ideas.

This is essential so that all parties consider not just where the business is now, but where it needs to be in 1, 3, and 5+ years’ time…

How the brand should develop…

And what marketing activities have been tried to date, with what result.

If the leadership team doesn’t have regular opportunities to meet, these initial discussions can see lively debates to iron out different perceptions.  Always with a positive result.

Going through this process has proven to help leadership teams establish the key goals for the business, as well as getting everyone onboard with the plan and its outcomes.

What an SMP includes

Once future business goals are identified, priorities can be set.

Some businesses have different calls on them at different times of year.

If new products and services are being developed and launched, these are planned in.

Expansion plans are also included.

The strategic marketing plan will then detail the different marketing activities, with timescales and costings, to achieve the desired results.

These activities may include exhibitions, digital free and paid campaigns, website functionality, printed materials, activities with third parties such as The Department for International Trade, email marketing… to name just a few.

Regular reviews will be detailed so that return on investment can be monitored, and changes made as required.

Our FREE Audit

As with any aspect of business, to move forward you have to take stock of where you are now.

Rebus Creative offer a FREE marketing audit to establish this.

The audit looks at:

  • When marketing was previously reviewed
  • Whether current marketing activities are generating the desired results
  • Any changes in the business, products, and services, since that last review
  • How effective brand message, consistency, channels, and budgets currently are and where changes may need to be made.

The presentation of the marketing audit can then form the basis for a new marketing strategy plan.

Why choose Rebus Creative for your MSP

Marketing strategy forms the basis for every element of our service.

In our humble opinion, a company without an MSP will never see the return from their marketing efforts that one with a plan will.

The difference in sales revenue can be HUGE.

We have worked with many of our manufacturing, engineering, and environmental clients over the past 20 years on marketing strategy.

It is the corner stone for all marketing and sales activities.  As without one, a scattergun approach is taken … leading to widely varying results.

Our methodology for creating the plan, in conjunction with the company’s leadership team, is tried, tested, and proven to get real results.

If you would like a FREE Marketing Audit we’ll get you booked in. Alternatively, if you’re ready to start a conversation about your marketing strategy immediately then contact us here.