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Email Marketing

Want the simplest and most cost effective way to market…

Ensuring your customers and prospects see your company regularly…

Email marketing provides the perfect solution.

Rebus Creative can do this for you, provide the software for you to use, or a combination of both!

Why use email marketing

Unlike social media, you own your email contacts.

With email marketing you are not relying on someone scrolling down their timeline at the time you post.

Your email will drop into their inbox.

Because they have signed up to be on your (GDPR compliant) list, you know they are interested.

So, if your subject line hits the spot, they’ll open your email.

And… even if they don’t, they’ve still seen your name and so you’re fresh in their mind.

What emails can be used for in marketing

There are many different ways of using emails within your marketing activities.

Automated emails can be used to build customer loyalty in many ways such as sending out a birthday or anniversary email, reminders for renewals or warranties.

Email sequences can also be used for:

Lead magnet delivery sequence

If you have lead magnets on your website which require someone to leave their contact details to gain access, rather than auto displaying the information for them, have it delivered by email.

The initial email can be followed up by a short sequence of further emails, giving them more information about your product or service, encouraging them to buy or contact you.

Evergreen campaign

An evergreen campaign runs on an ongoing basis. It is a relationship building campaign to further develop the ‘know, like and trust’ factor in your company.

Whenever someone enters it, they receive the same emails in the same order as everyone else.

So, whether they sign up today or in three months’ time they will still receive all the emails in the same order and frequency.

Launch campaign

If you have a new product, service, or a particular promotion on the horizon, then a launch campaign can be used to heighten interest, create FOMO (fear of missing out), and maximise results.

Strategic campaigns

Setting up an automated email campaign can be beneficial to your customer journey at many different strategic points.

For example, if a customer places an order and there are a number of weeks before the product will be dispatched, receiving a sequence of emails makes that customer feel valued… when otherwise all would be silent.

Strategic campaigns can also be used to prepare a customer for an upcoming event, to request a review or testimonial, or to fill any gap where they may not hear from you for a while.

Email marketing
Email marketing

How does email marketing software work

Email software is very straightforward to use.

You tell the software what the ‘trigger’ is for someone to be put into a campaign.

For example, when they complete a form on your website to sign up for your newsletter.

You can also tell the software when to take someone out of a campaign, when to move them into another campaign, and take a number of other actions according to their behaviour (eg if they click a link in an email).

Tags can be used to identify where contacts came from and segregate your master list so you can send targeted emails out should you wish.

If you have an eCommerce website, campaigns can be triggered if someone abandons their shopping cart without completing the transaction.

From a visual point of view, your emails can be as creative and functional as you wish. They can include buttons to click to take an action, images or videos within them, text links… even animated gifs.

Email marketing
Email marketing

Reporting tools

As with all marketing activities, it is essential that you know what success an email campaign has had.

Reports are available within the software which will tell you who opened each email, who clicked on any links, whether anyone unsubscribed, and whether any email addresses bounced (undelivered).

This reporting can be used in many different ways.

For example, if one email did not receive the open rate you would have expected, it gives you the opportunity to try a different subject line (if in an evergreen campaign).

Bounced email addresses can be removed from your list.

Why chose Rebus Creative for your email marketing

Our email software provides each of our clients with full access to their own portal.

All campaigns and reports can be viewed within this area.

Part of the set-up process is the designing of email templates for you. These are branded to your company to ensure your visual identity is consistent.

Some clients write their own emails and design their own campaign strategy, others leave it to us.

Our email marketing service is flexible… designed for each individual client, by project or on monthly retainer.

If you would like to discuss cost effective email marketing solutions for your business, please just get in touch today to start the conversation.