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Graphic Design

Do you want your online visuals to be instantly recognisable?

Business cards or brochures to make you stand out from the crowd?

Everything digital or printed to have stunning design?

Rebus Creative are expert graphic designers, ready to make your brand WOW wherever it’s seen.

How Graphic Design builds your brand

Once you have a logo, and fonts and a colour palette assigned to your brand, it’s implementation time.

The key to this is consistency.

Your brand should be instantly recognisable, no matter where it is seen.

And this is where many companies get it wrong.

Unless they have an experienced in-house graphic designer, the chances are their social media profiles will look like a totally different company to their website… and their printed materials will look like someone else again!

Consistent Implementation

By consistently implementing your brand, following its guidelines, you strengthen and develop it.

Think of the big boys like Starbucks or Virgin… you instantly recognise their company no matter where you see it.

And that’s exactly why you need professional graphic design.

Your brand is your company’s visual foundation for all marketing and sales activities.

Once a prospective customer becomes aware of your existence, the more they see your brand in their world, the greater the likelihood is that they’ll check you out to see if you are right for them.

graphic design
graphic design

What does a graphic design service do?

Quite simply, graphic design takes your brand and visually puts it out into the world.

Here are just some of the places you may need to showcase your brand:

  • Social media header images
  • Social media post visuals
  • Business cards
  • Stationery and point of sale
  • Building and vehicle signage
  • Workwear
  • Brochures and catalogues
  • Exhibition stands
  • Website images

If all of these elements are consistent and immediately recognisable, your business will appear professional, expert in its sector, well established, and the go-to company.

Printed materials are different to digital assets

Producing a design for print is a whole different ball game to producing one to appear online.

Colours look different on screen, against when they are printed.

The material they are printed on can vary this further.

When a design goes to print it needs a ‘bleed’!

Many graphic designers do not have experience designing for print.

Rebus Creative are experts.

Over two decades working with printers has allowed us to see how printing requirements have evolved and our knowledge saves our clients very costly mistakes.

graphic design
graphic design

Why choose Rebus Creative for your Graphic Design needs

Every instance that your brand is seen by your target market should WOW in its design and be immediately identified as representing your company.

Whether you need digital images for your website or social media, signage, or printed materials, we understand the exact requirements.

We take a brand and build it into something the company is proud of.

If you feel your brand needs updating or reworking because it no longer represents the business today, this is something we can help you with too.

Our extensive experience in the engineering, environmental, and manufacturing, means we fully understand the specific challenges to become a leading brand within those sectors.

If you feel your company identity could stand out more, then why not request a FREE Audit of your marketing or contact us directly to talk about our graphic design service.