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Website Design & Development

Need a new website design?

One that makes you stand out from the crowd?

With SEO to make sure it’s found?

Rebus Creative apply your brand and your marketing strategy to website design and development. No templated sites here!

Why invest in a new website?

Your website is your shop window for the world.

Websites come in many different shapes, functionalities, and sizes, according to your business type.

From a brochure website, right through to eCommerce sites, when your prospective customer visits, it should be both visually appealing and provide them with the information they are looking for.

Your site is often the first impression for someone who has been referred to you or has seen your company name somewhere.

If you use paid advertising as part of your marketing strategy, then your website should convert that lead into a sale.

What a website needs to do

Your new website design should:

• be multi-functional, taking visitors on a journey to become customers
• look fantastic, instantly representing your brand
• load quickly
• be easy to navigate
• be cybersecure
• have the correct technical SEO behind it
• be mobile and tablet friendly
• have all the information your visitor could want and need
• have SEO within the written copy and content
• have new content published every month in the form of blogs, articles, videos, etc
• have different appropriate call to actions (CTAs) – eg call, email, book, buy, reserve, download
• offer appropriate lead magnets, giving value in exchange for contact details
• activate your email marketing campaigns once details are left
• link to Google Analytics so that you are provided with ongoing performance information

Overall, your website design must fit perfectly with your marketing strategy and be able to change as your business develops and grows.

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Preparation for your new website

Before our website designer can create stunning visuals to show you how your site could look, there are a number of things to consider.

As your website is your window to the world, and an investment in your business, we like to sit down with you to discuss your objectives for it, your thoughts, and ideas, and ensure that these are inline with your overall business and marketing plans – not just for now but moving forward too to ensure we future proof the website as much as possible.

We like to find out what a customer journey is like when working with you.
Can the website link to your internal systems to improve the overall customer experience?

Can the website and your IT be working harder together for your business?

We use this information to map out the website’s structure.

We look at how a visitor would navigate around the website and the information it provides.

What you want them to do next?

What action you want them to take? Book a meeting or call? Download a resource? Buy now? Visit another page or article?

Only when we’re happy we’ve got a clear picture of what your website needs to deliver do we move on to the design stage.

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Bespoke website designs

Every website we create is designed specifically for that individual client.

Our website designer creates visual mock-ups which represent your brand and your company’s personality, values, and way of doing business.

Once you are happy with the site’s visual appearance, the magic begins.

No two websites we create will ever look the same.

Website copy and content

If your website is to be ranked and found in organic searches, the copy on the pages needs SEO within it.

It also needs to meet Google’s requirement of being reader-focussed.

Gone are the days of simply saying how wonderful you are as a company.

To keep your website fresh and Google interested in regularly crawling it, you also need to publish fresh content each month.

Blogs written with SEO content are fantastic for this and often returned in organic searches for a particular subject.

Why choose Rebus Creative for your website design and development

We understand the importance of your website as possibly your biggest investment in marketing.

It must fit with your strategy, seamlessly provide brand consistency, look amazing, and represent your company’s mission, vision, and purpose in its content.

As marketing experts with over 20 years’ experience, we understand how the jigsaw fits together so that you represent a whole picture for your clients, present and future.

Our team includes strategic marketers, website designers and developers, as well as SEO specialists, and copy and content writers.

For all your website design and development needs, we have you covered. Why not contact us today to discuss your website or marketing needs.