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Social Media Marketing

Are you starting from scratch?

Or do you struggle to know what content to create?

Maybe you just haven’t got the time to think about social media!

Whatever stage you’re at with social media marketing for your business, Rebus Creative can help.

Why you need social media in business

Social media is a little like marmite for business owners.

Some love it and create content consistently.

Some really don’t like it, have the time for it, or know what to put out there.

However you personally feel, social media for business is essential and can provide a great ROI.

In some ways the world of the printed Yellow Pages (if you’re old enough to remember that) was so much easier.  You paid for an advert once a year and it was job done.

Now people expect every business to have a presence on one platform or another.

Keeping it updated creates a solid foundation for your sales funnel and shows you are a thriving business.

So many platforms, where to start

There are many social media platforms.

So, the first thing to work out is where your target audience hang out.

For B2B companies this is often LinkedIn. But other platforms such as TikTok are rising rapidly in popularity.  Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, and Twitter can also be used successfully depending on your desired audience.

Once you know which platform(s) you want to be seen on, it’s then a case of working out the best times of day for your content to be posted.  When will your prospect be online?

Content ideas and hashtags!

Any social media post must consistently and correctly represent your brand

Both visually and through the key brand messages each post delivers.

And it is vital that you post regularly.

However, our clients tell us that coming up with new content ideas can be a real headache.

We understand that completely and work with our clients to ensure that their social media strategy and plan is a part of their strategic marketing plan.

This then provides guidance as to what to post and how to post it.

Do it yourself or done for you

Different marketing companies will give you different advice as to whether you should create and post your own content or whether you should hand it all over to a third party.

There is no right and wrong.

It depends on your interest level, your knowledge and skills in producing graphics and writing copy, and your available time.

That’s exactly why we offer flexible solutions.

Why choose Rebus Creative for your Social Media Management

At Rebus Creative we’ve grown up alongside social media.

We’ve seen the changes in popularity, the new developments be launched, the new platforms emerge… and we’ve kept abreast of everything.

If you’re new to social media marketing then we can set up your profiles for you, help you plan, and then leave you to create your content and post, should you wish.

Or if you’d like some assistance, we can create posts for you to approve before we schedule them to be published.

Some clients have us create and schedule a core number of posts each week and then add to them as and when they have additional content.

If you would like to discuss your social media marketing, or would like a FREE Marketing Audit, contact us today to arrange a chat.