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FREE Sales & Marketing Audit for Manufacturers!

A Free Sales and Marketing Audit – what have you got to lose?

Are you are struggling to get the right marketing and sales plans in place to secure new contracts, create new jobs and ultimately increase profits? We need to talk!

Did you know as a manufacturer in the UK we can help you access a grant/match funding?

Your FREE Sales & Marketing Audit reviews existing sales and marketing processes, structure, practices, and resources. Our aim is to work with you to identify best practices, immediate and long-term areas for improvement, and ultimately increase sales and profit for your business.

Your audit can be broken down to focus on either function (sales or marketing) however clearly there will be some overlap between the two, as it’s FREE why not take advantage of both!

Audit Scope KPI’s & Outputs:

  • Sales & Marketing structure and future potential
  • Sales Resources current and future potential to deliver
  • Market strategy, target campaigns, buyer experiences and market trends
  • Sales process review – buy cycle, sales longevity, sales conversion, up sell and cross selling
  • Sales & Marketing systems, i.e. Campaign management, sales management, measurements, reporting, incentive
  • Alignment of new products with project marketing and sales management

To book your free audit call 0114 5532977 now and speak to Jane Egan one of our experienced Branding and Marketing consultants.