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Yorkshire Manufacturers Have Access up to £9k Grant/Match Funding.

The UK’s manufacturing sector grew at its strongest pace in over a year last month, according to a recent survey Markit/CIPS Purchasing Managers’ Index rose to 51.3 in May from 50.2 in the previous month. A figure above 50 indicates expansion – great news but what do you do when your plans are held back because of the lack of investment?

Did you know as a manufacturer in the UK you could access a grant/match funding for up to three projects of between £300-£3000.

As you know sales & marketing often overlap, Rebus has been working in partnership with Elite-bods to provide Sales & Marketing support to a Scarborough based manufacturer. Our client has a strong brand in its sector, with over 50 years success of providing innovative best in value products, however with little strategy in place for future sales growth they have been recommended to us and called on our expertise.

We have completed a full sales team evaluation giving an in-depth analysis of the potential future growth from their existing resources. It’s highlighted some interesting areas and uncovered some hidden potential in individual team members.

With over 20 years success in turning around sales teams, delivering significant sales growth in to various manufacturing organisations we know we can support them. There are no quick fixes to turning around sales, you need a critical evaluation of resources and a clear stepped staged sales and development plan, with tightly measured performance management.

If your company is ambitious with the drive to grow sales, and you are struggling to get the right sales and marketing plans in place to win new contracts, creating new jobs and ultimately increasing profits, we could help you pay for it, making sure you succeed now and in the future.

And we can help you access immediate funding to support your strategic projects no matter what size of manufacturing company we can help. We have a team of specialist sales and marketing business advisors dedicated to helping your business improve and grow.

Why not take advantage of our Free Sales and Marketing Audit

Is your sales function underperforming, are you struggling to differentiate your business products and services from your competitors, unsure how to take your products to market?

Your FREE Sales & Marketing Audit reviews existing sales and marketing processes, structure, practices, and resources. Our aim is to work with you to identify best practices, immediate and long-term areas for improvement, and ultimately increase sales and profit for your business.

Your audit can be broken down to focus on either function however clearly there will be some overlap between the two, as it’s FREE why not take advantage of both!

Audit Scope KPI’s & Outputs

  • Sales & Marketing structure
  • Sales Resources current and future potential to deliver
  • Market strategy, target campaigns, buyer experiences and market trends
  • Sales process review – buy cycle, sales longevity, sales conversion, up sell and cross selling
  • Sales & Marketing systems, i.e. Campaign management, sales management, measurements, reporting, incentive

Scope of project consultancy support we can offer you following an initial Sales & Marketing review

Strategy – Helping you plan your business

  • Sales team evaluation – individual & team
  • Sales & Marketing strategy – new business development
  • Strategic stepped marketing and Sales – campaign management
  • Strategic and stepped sales planning – Baseball ‘Sales’ programme
  • New Business Development
  • Consultancy to improve strategic sales and marketing – one off projects
  • E-commerce sales and marketing
  • Alignment of new products with project marketing and sales management

Efficiency – Helping you improve your processes

  • Value Stream Mapping & Process Mapping
  • Team Evaluation, Development & Building
  • Leadership & Management – 360⁰ Management Diagnostics
  • Lean Resource – Staffing Contingencies
  • Improving Quality, Service & Delivery – current and future resourcing

Connects – Helping you grow your supply chain

  • Strategic Networking – industry specific – Exhibition & Conference
  • Reviewing your Supply Chain Strategy
  • Maximising Involvement in Existing Supply Chains
  • Getting into New Supply Chains

For more information contact me for an informal and confidential chat on how you can make immediate improvements in your sales and marketing delivering greater results.